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Introducing EcoLawn Aerator Inc. Tow and Push core lawn aerators.

EcoLawn Aerator Inc. 41cm/16in Wide Core Lawn Aerator

A revolutionary new eco-friendly, easy to use, highly-effective core lawn aerator designed from the ground-up for use by today's residential and commercial property owners, rental companies, and lawn care professionals.

Proven Effective

Core lawn aeration has been proven to be highly effective as part of a regular lawn maintenance program at helping create thicker, greener, healthier lawns. Add our EcoLawn Aerator Inc. lawn aerators to your maintenance toolkit and see the great results this season.

Eco Friendly

Designed from the ground-up to be eco-friendly. Requires no fuel or power connections as there is no motor. Our core aerator helps reduce C02 greenhouse gases by accelerating the natural growth of lawns which removes CO2 from the air and assists with retaining valuable rain water and topsoil.

Two Steps at Once

Core Aerate, Repair, and Fertilize your lawn at the same time. The Liquid Fertilizer Dispenser Kit and Lawn Repair Kit are options for the aerator to dispense liquid fertilizer and mount the garden claw and the trowel repair tools that can be used at the same time as aeration to save you time and to help obtain great lawn quality results.

EcoLawn Aerator tow lawn aerator

Quality Design and Materials

Built to last many years with only quality materials and assembly techniques, we offer 5 and 6 tine independent core aerator rotors for the tow and push models. Our final assembly, packaging, and quality assurance is done right here in Ontario, Canada

Easy to operate

Designed to be lightweight and very maneuverable and cornering without tearing your lawn, your EcoLawn Aerator Inc. lawn aerator is simple to operate. On your push model simply extend the retractable handle and get aerating. If you have our tow model it is even easier with a single pin hitch connection to your lawn tractor or ATV and you are off towards your greener lawn.

Little to no maintenance

As there is no motor to worry about and we only use the highest quality parts and assembly techniques, your EcoLawn Aerator Inc. lawn aerator is a breeze to maintain, spare wear parts are readily available, and will last you many years.

"The difference it made to my lawn is impressive!"

Dale S. Fergus, ON

Your lawn needs Water, Oxygen, and Fertilizer Nutrients at the root and soil level to create a thick ,lush, green, healthy lawn. Core Lawn Aeration allows this to happen when done three or more times per growing season. The EcoLawn Aerator Inc. Push and Tow Lawn Aerators are Patent Applied for in the USA and Canada and are the perfect tools for you to have a beautiful lawn that promotes grass growth, resists weeds and erosion, while retaining more water without the need to use any hazardous chemicals.

EcoLawn Aerator Inc. why lawn aeration is good for your lawn.
EcoLawn Aerator Inc. before Aeration.

(Before Ecolawn Manual Push Core Aeration Showing muddy, severely pet damaged lawn areas.)

EcoLawn Aerator Inc. After Aeration

(After Ecolawn Manual Push Core Aeration thicker, greener, more healthy lawn.)

You can see for yourself in the before and after photos from Google Reviews the effectiveness of Regular Core Lawn Aeration and Proper Lawn Care Shown in the Free Video Training using the EcoLawn Aerator 41cm/16in Wide, 5 Tine Push Aerator.
In only 6 Weeks after Maintenance you can easily see the thicker, greener, more healthy lawn replace the muddy, severely pet damaged lawn areas with a much higher drainage ability.

EcoLawn Aerator Push lawn aerator

EcoLawn Aerator Inc. Push Core Aerator Model

For smaller yards up to 11,000 Square Feet (1022 Square Meters) or where you don't have the requirement for our EcoLawn Aerator Inc. Tow Model, the EcoLawn Aerator Inc. Push model is a must-have tool for your lawn.

Quality Engineered

The EcoLawn Inc. Aerator Push Aerator is engineered and built with the highest quality parts based on our proprietary design which has been tested by Customers and is Patent Applied for Status in Canada and the USA. It will last many years and help provide you with the satisfaction of a consistently greener, thicker, more healthy lawn. .

Eco Friendly

There are no motor or other parts which require flammable fluids such as oil and gasoline and simply wash with soap and water after using the aerator. Core Aeration helps reduce C02 greenhouse gas levels by accelerating the natural growth of lawns which removes CO2 from the air and assists with retaining rainwater and topsoil.

Easy to Store

The lightweight EcoLawn Aerator Inc. Push Model is compact and easy to hang on a suitable wall bracket (not included) when not in use. Ready to Aerate your lawn? Just pull out your EcoLawn Aerator Inc. Push Model and you will be professionally aerating your lawn in minutes.

"Lawn areas have been greatly improved using your equipment."

Dean B. Fergus, ON

EcoLawn Aerator the perfect lawn

Experience a greener, thicker, and healthier lawn. The EcoLawn Aerator Inc. Push and Tow Model Core Lawn Aerators are an eco-friendly way to a better lawn. Our Core Aerators are built with solid construction, are lightweight, and are easy to operate and clean. Your lawn will thank you!


    More than ever, your lawn is taking the brunt of extremes in climate. Your lawn deals with much hotter summer weather, more variable rain amounts at different times in the year, and winters with many more freeze and thaw cycles than before. You may have not used a core lawn aerator in the past but now and moving forward it will be a must have item for maintaining and improving your lawns.


    Yes, traditional gas powered core lawn aerators typically weigh up to 200 Pounds (91 Kilos) and are very difficult to transport and operate. We took on this challenge and re-engineered our core lawn aerators from the ground-up to be about one quarter of that weight (with the tank empty), easy to operate as a lawn mower, while being highly effective in helping produce greener, thicker, healthy lawns.


    No you don't. Our EcoLawn Aerator Inc. Push and Tow Core Lawn Aerator Models have no motor or other parts which require flammable chemicals to be used. Our lawn aerator is the cleanest, easiest to use, eco-friendly core aerator on the market.