EcoLawn Aerator Inc. About our lawn core Aerators.

Our Mission

To enable you to really enjoy your lawn.

We feel your lawn is a place for your family to enjoy, for you to admire, and to help the environment and the planet thrive. This all requires a greener, thicker, and healthier lawn. Our lawn aerators are designed to help make this happen. As a company, we lean on the following three pillars to make this all possible. We look forward to you joining us on this journey!


We are laser focused on the science and engineering involved in every aspect of lawn care and offer the most innovative product models on the market.


At the core of our company is the goal to create and provide individuals with the tools to help the environment to thrive while earning a reasonable return on our investment.


We work hard to provide you with a fantastic customer experience every step of the journey.

"I love that the aerator has no motor and is so quiet."

Dale S. Fergus ON

EcoLawn Aerator push lawn aerator early prototype

(EcoLawn Aerator Inc. early prototype design)

The EcoLawn Aerator Inc. Story

In early 2014, before EcoLawn Aerator Inc. was created, we determined there was a need for a better way for homeowners and businesses to achieve greener, thicker and healthier lawns in an eco-friendly manner. Lawn Aeration was chosen as a great way to do this. However, the only lawn aerators on the market were either the less-effective spike and foot pressure type lawn aerators or the heavy, gas powered type lawn aerators which are usually rented and used only once a year or once every two years. Once a year professional core aeration helped the most but was found to be less effective than aerating multiple times per growing season and adding additional grass seed, repairing damaged areas with topsoil, and applying fertilizer. Your lawn really needs multiple core aerations and additional grass seed applied regularly to be truly healthy and to limit weeds and erosion. So we got down to work and engineered a better, environmentally friendly aerator to solve the problem.

EcoLawn Aerator Inc. Push and Tow Core Lawn Aerators were in the concept and early prototype stage from 2014 to 2018. Initial customer evaluation testing with a professionally built prototype unit took place through 2019. Final design modifications were made in early 2020 to address further customer feedback such as: reducing overall weight, reducing cost, improving safety/ergonomics, and improving aerator performance and durability. Production of lawn aerators was cancelled for 2020 due to resource shortages due to the Pandemic and further testing and lawn aeration services were offered instead. In August 2021 we are now in production and the EcoLawn Aerator Inc. Push and Tow Model Lawn Aerators are ready for purchase directly from EcoLawn Aerator Inc. and Distribution Opportunities are being explored inside and outside of Canada.

Bruce Avery is the inventor who has filed a Utility Patent Application for the EcoLawn Aerator Inc. Push and Tow Model Lawn Aerators for Canada and the USA in 2021. Bruce resides in Southwestern Ontario and holds a Bachelors of Engineering Degree in Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. Bruce’s Company, EcoLawn Aerator Inc. has been part of the Startup Program through Innovation Guelph since October 2020 and has also completed the Starter Company Plus Program from the Business Centre Guelph Wellington in March 2020. Bruce has over Twenty-Five Years of Manufacturing, Tooling Support, Technical Writing, Research and Development, Product Design, Testing & Validation, CAD/CAM Design, Estimating, and Industrial Management Experience in the Automotive Parts, Heavy Truck Parts, Military Vehicle, and Industrial Product Industries in Canada.